Jack Rhysider (Darknet Diaries podcast)


Hi there,

I am gurubyte. Computer science student and full-time system administrator who is learning red teaming techniques and tactics as well as developing malware with the goal of shifting to a red teaming job.

The first time I sat in front of a computer was when I was 6 years old. That was the first time I entered the waste space of the cyberworld.

In the beginning, I wasn't that interested in cybersecurity. Instead, I was a casual gamer and read a little bit about how computers work.

All of that, until the teen years came. Then I started showing a deeper interest in how computers work, how things could be exploited, reading news on how major hacks happened, and thousands of other little things about computer science in general.

Now, I am working as a full-time system administrator and studying computer science at the university. Spending time on HackTheBox, developing malware, reading about red teaming T&Ts, and trying to be better today than I was yesterday.